Mixing Business, Politics and Religion Offer a Fulfilled Happy Life?

Business, politics and religion are the undisputable social ingredients for the living, like salt and pepper to the food, but most pundits will tell you that mixing either one with another is bad, bad for business, bad for politics and the worst for the religion.

But if you take away either one, then you leave an empty lifeless vacuum filled with nothing but lifeless zombies, because wherever one is reinforced, then there’s life, there’re real, fully functional beings.

You can’t live without either one, because they’re all entangled. Business provides social living; politics enforces social and physical laws that govern the beings, while the religion offers the unequivocal spiritual attachment which solidifies the body, mind and spirit to God, the creator of all.

So, what do you have if you try to avoid and detach either one; business, politics, and or religion?


One thought on “Mixing Business, Politics and Religion Offer a Fulfilled Happy Life?

  1. Religion is the easiest to remove I think. I just think “Would I be doing this if I wasn’t [insert religion here]?” and make my decision that way.

    Politics is almost impossible because it sneaks into so many things. And business isn’t that easy either. Every time I go to spend money I think about how much I’ll still have, thus make a business decision.

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