A Product of Your Own Environment?

Yesterday night, my friend, Reggae Super Star Lucky Dube was killed in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, by a punk who tried to hijack his car as he was dropping of his son at his brother’s house.

And, as I sit here right now, not really currently interested in doing anything, work or study, but just sitting here listening to some of Lucky Dube’s music. Everything that he used to sing, are issues about life, real social life that affect most people around the world.

Lucky Dube used to sing about real issues, real life, things that he has always known most of his life, things he has seen with his own eyes, things he has experienced while growing up in an apartheid era South Africa.

Lucky Dube is a product of his own environment and he died from what he has always been against, violence; which he has been fighting for most of his life. He has sung against poverty and apartheid, some of his music were banned in South Africa, and he used to get harassed by the South African police and the Boers prior to the South African independence in 1994.

Like everybody else in South Africa and Namibia until 1990 and 1994, they all have experienced the same hardship caused by the South African apartheid government, but there were those who stood up for what they believed in, and Lucky Dube was one of those who stood up, and in whatever he could, he fought for what he believed in and he died with that belief.

The question is; whether you live in America, UK, or India, what’s your environment, what are you made of? Are you a product of a hardship upbringing, poor family, bad neighborhood, or you’re simply filthy rich that you just don’t even know what you supposed to do with your life?

For whatever your situation or circumstance is; what are you doing about it? Are you just sitting back and let it go by and be the way it is? Or will you stand up and do what you believe is right and just?

South Africans and Namibians have stood up and fought for what is rightfully theirs, freedom. Martin Luther King Jr., fought for what he believed in, equality and civil rights for all Americans.

Gandhi stoop up and fought for his rights in South Africa and then for peace and freedom for all Indians in India.

What about you, what do you believe in? What’s your purpose in life? Is eating, drinking and being merry your only purpose, that’s it?

Now, that South Africa is free, the fight is not yet over, the war is just beginning and the people of South Africa should stand up in uprising and march in multitude, just the way they used to prior to 1994, not with guns and weapons, but they must uprise against crime that’s ravaging South Africa and against HIV/AIDS that’s destroying and killing people of all ages in South Africa.

The real war is just beginning in South Africa, and it’s up to each and every South African, anywhere in the world, to say, enough is enough; they must take back their country, their communities, and their way of life.

The murdering of Lucky Dube by one schmuck should serve as a wakeup call. It’s not just a reminder of how dangerous South Africa has become in terms of crime, but it’s a turn off for some outsiders who may wish to travel to or for some foreigners who may want to do go business in South Africa.

It has been said over and over that crimes and AIDS in South Africa have become one of the worst in the world. It has been said over and over that once the 5 o’clock in the afternoon hits, you should fold yourself to your own place, and don’t be anywhere near downtown Johannesburg after office hours.

This does not sound like a free country, this sounds like a curfew that the South African apartheid government had imposed in Namibia and South Africa prior to independence.

People, wake up and speak up, it’s your world, it’s your country, it’s for your family, your children, your parents, it’s your livelihood.

Stand up, please stand up!


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