Drew Carey is no Bob Barker

Today, Monday, October 15, 2007, funny man and actor Drew Carey debuted the new ‘Price is Right’ show, replacing Bob Barker who retired this year after 35 years of hosting the Price is Right show on CBS.

Although Drew Carey is an incredible person with unmatched charismatic and sense of humor, filing the shoes of Bob Barker for the Price is Right show, is just not for Drew Carey.

He lacks that Bob Barker’s sense of humor, charismatic, and personality. His tone of voice is also not strong enough, and he seems to lack the timing of controlling the flow of the show. At times he seemed like he’s forgetting that he’s hosting one of the finest, longest running and highly rated daytime shows.

In short, Drew Carey just doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor for the Price is Right.

He however did excellent with the ‘Power of 10’ and was magnificent with ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, but for the ‘Price is Right’; he’s not suited for it, simply because he can’t be Bob Barker.

The producers of the Price is Right show could have probably done better if they had chosen someone like Will Smith or someone else of the same authoritative sense of humor, stature and charismatic as Bob Barker.

However, with time, as people get used to Drew Carey, he will certainly get used to it, feel the groove, and eventually, he will be okay, but he’s just not Bob Barker.

5 thoughts on “Drew Carey is no Bob Barker

  1. In a perfect world Good Old Bob would still be on the air.
    You’ve judged Drew after one day and compared him to Bob Barker who’s honed his show for 35 years!!!! It’s like comparing a Grade 1 student to a Surgeon. Who are you going to trust with your heart???
    Give Drew a break. Compared the two, judge the show and make a sound reasonable conclusion after a while. Let Drew get his feet wet – you’ve allowed him to think about washing his feet.

  2. Drew Carey is ok, I don’t think he fits the price is right setting, I agree with someone like Will Smith or I had thought os someone with more charisma and smiling. I thought of someone like Kelly Rippas husb, but he is a actor. I will give Drew Carey the chance for sure to become more comfortable in this role. But on the face of it, I dont’ think he was a good choice. I look for it to go down the hill but time will tell. and I wish him and the show well. Jane Boucher.

  3. I just got finished watching TPIRMDS and I must say it looks like Drew is definitely not having fun. He was so monotone tonight that it was pathetic. There was no excitement when the contestants won. I’ve been a lifelong game show fan as well as a TPIR fan. I realize that anyone who took over for Bob Barker would have a hard time filling his shoes, but I think Drew has had plenty of time now. Supposedly, he knows more than 30 games, but still has trouble explaining them. Even I know more games then he does. Now I have always been a fan of Drew Carey’s shows, but TPIR is getting painful to watch. Drew was definately a better game show host on Power of 10 then he is on TPIR. Drew has signed for five years, but I don’t think he is going to last. CBS should start looking for a replacement now, before it is too late. I would like to throw my hat into the ring as possible replacements. I know I can do a better job than Drew given the chance to prove myself.

  4. They need to start looking for a new host, and they need to do it soon. They should try Will Smith, he can do much better, and can attrack all kind of audience, young and old, of all race.

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