FakeChecks.org TV Commercials

Have you seen the FakeChecks.org TV commercials? They’re really good. I like them, except that they’ve come too late perhaps as these things have been happening for too long, but it’s better late than never, right?

I too had one time received 3 money orders in the amount of $3,600, it was delivered to my residential address via USPS Express Mail, and I was surprised to have received that money order from someone in Florida, whom I’ve never heard of, asking me to cash them for him and send him the portion of it, but the funny thing was that, whomever created them was stupid enough to have inserted a double $ sign, instead of just one $, he/s inserted US$$ on all 3 money orders. But he’s is good though because they looked real, which can make someone if didn’t look at them carefully to go try to actually cash or deposit them.

But if FakeChecks.org takes donations, I’ll definitely donate to them, even if it’s $50, so they can continue to aggressively help educate the consumers about these so-called 419 crooks.

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