Iran’s Parliament Labeling the CIA, U.S. Army As ‘Terrorist’ Groups

Iran’s parliament on Saturday, September 29, 2007, voted to designate the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the U.S. Army as terrorist organizations in an apparent retaliation for the U.S. Senate’s resolution Wednesday requesting that the United States designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, or Quds Force, as a foreign terrorist organization.

The Iranian parliament said the condemnation was based on “known and accepted” standards of terrorism from international regulations, including the U.N. charter (

Iran and the U.S. are like a cat and a mouse. Aggressively chasing each other in what may eventually become a deadly game. Here I refer Iran as being a mouse and the U.S. being a cat. The mouse is tiny and smaller but faster and smart in eluding the cat, and the cat being bigger, stronger, and agile, and can out run the mouse at any time, and if it catches it, it may squash it.

But, in the end, after the cat and a mouse get tired of running around, aggressively chasing each other, if they don’t hurt or kill each other, they may stop chasing each other, and may eventually end up as best friends. Have you seen the ‘Cheese Chasers’s Looney Tunes Cartoon’ series?

Could this happen with the U.S. and Iran to eventually find common interest to co-exist for the sake of humanity?

After all, the US is believed to being best friend with Saudi Arabia, which it’s been reported that 15 of the 19 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Osama bin Laden (CBS News).


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