Michelle Obama, the Liability?

It was reported that Michelle Obama, the wife of Senator Barack Obama, has made a comment yesterday; “Iowa will make the difference,” she said. “If Barack doesn’t win Iowa, it is just a dream. If we win Iowa then we can move to the world as it should be. And we need your help in making that happen” (Yahoo! News).

The Obama camp quickly played down and tried to distance itself from her comment, saying that; “they were making it clear that they were optimistic about their chances in Iowa but didn’t consider it essential that they win.”

In a September 2007 interview with Glamour magazine, Michelle Obama reveals that, “her husband, Barack, is so ‘snore-y and stinky’ when he wakes up in the morning that their daughters won’t crawl into bed with him” (New York Times Blog).

Mrs. Obama is a Harvard Law School graduate, and as such, one would expect nothing but class from the possible future First Lady of the United States of America, but with a mouth like that, without limiting herself to what or what not to say, what kind of a First Lady could she possible be?

Rumor has it that Oprah has a big crush on Obama. So, could have Oprah, as Mrs. Oprah Obama, the First Lady, been a better reflection and an asset for the Barack Obama’s presidential campaign instead of the outspoken Michelle?

Sometimes, we may say certain things, hoping that we’re helping but sometimes, we might be actually far from that. Like President Bush, perhaps Michelle should get herself someone to teach her some etiquettes of public speaking in terms of what might be appropriate to say and not.

Michelle Obama, as the wife of Barack Obama, the democrat presidential hopeful, a greater reflection is constantly beamed upon her, and obviously everything that she does or say is severely scrutinized, and for that, perhaps limiting her public appearance for the time being might be the best choice for the Obama camp.


2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama, the Liability?

  1. When Barack Obama decided to run for President … and when Michele Obama decided to make political comments, they became fair game for the media. Their arrogant attitude at thinking they are above reproach is disturbing, especially since Obama turns everything into a photo op, and has enjoyed twice the coverage of McCain. In addition to Michele’s comments about not being proud of America, or that America is a mean country, Michele and Barack chose to subject their young children to the anti-American racist remarks of Jeremiah Wright throughout their entire childhood.

  2. i did listen to parts of the,telecast.It was real
    and not like some theatrical peace or from a movie.
    People have different views on a lot of issues,but this one (US Poll) is definitely one chance in history for all to reflect.

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