Microsoft mPhone Rumors

Rumor has it that Microsoft is secretly building the next generation cell phone, mPhone, to rival Apple’s iPhone and Google’s long rumored gPhone.

It’s said that the Microsoft mPhone is being developed to work on across every network anywhere in the world. You can basically be anywhere in the world and still be able to make and receive phone calls on a local roaming basis without incurring additional fees.

It’s reported that Microsoft is much mummed about its mPhone, which is due for release in the early part of 2009. Details about the Microsoft mPhone is quiet sketchy, but rumor has it that the Microsoft mPhone will be twice better than the Apple’s iPhone in terms of physical design and functionality.

Read more about the general description of a similar proposed xPhone at, but it’s not the rumored Microsoft mPhone though.

Is it too late for Microsoft to enter the world of cell phone escapade?


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