The Power of the First Class Flight

Last week, we were flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, on a Delta Airline, first class, and I sat next to this one guy; he looks like he’s in his late 50’s, and I am usually a quiet guy until you start talking to me. So, I boarded a little bit late, so he was already sitting down, and I just said hello and sat down quietly. Then he stroke me with a simple conversation, and we started talking.

To my surprise; he’s a CEO of a Fortune 50 company, and for the rest of the flight, about 1:45 minutes or so, we talked, he’s a very knowledgeable and diversified person, I felt privileged sitting next to him, and I can see that he too was impressed by my wide experience.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people in the past, but this guy is incredible and unselfish in sharing his experience on how he runs his company. I felt like I was in an A+ business school. It was the best time of my life, meeting and talking to someone like him, one on one, for the duration of the flight.

Why am I writing this here? No specific reason, but I just liked it a lot, meeting him, talking to him, and just getting to know him.

So, next time you take a flight anywhere, try flying first class, if you don’t already do, you may meet some interesting people. Stop trying to save a buck by flying in the coach, the first class is one of the best ways to networking.


One thought on “The Power of the First Class Flight

  1. This is like “the six step method”, in which anyone is capable to be as close to anybody he/she needs/wants to be. Because this method states you are 6 steps close to someone, when each step is someone, so you’d be able to speak to Bono.

    Even if you don’t know him personally, you might know someone who knows someone who knows someone who does. If that person is not an average 6 step close to you, then enhance your network of friends. You meet interesting people in these trips, I agree.


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