The Art of Developing Gatepedia

My team and I are currently busy developing Gatepedia (, which legally, we cannot claim it to be the ninth online treasure wonder of the world, but we can legally say that it will provide the most effective targeted advertisement and brand identity, unmatched exposure and visibility for anything, anywhere.

So, what’s it like working on something as exciting as Gatepedia, so intrusively innovative and captivating designed to be the Pay Per Click killer?

We stay up long hours at nights, basically just watching real old movies, drinking bitter and unsweetened coffee, and when the moon is bright and the sky is clear, then we may go work in our backyards, just to refresh our clogged memory.

Obviously, all that talk in the paragraph above is crap; but seriously, it’s actually fun and challenging, and we just sit around and stare at .PHP codes flying around on our foreheads.

But serious though, it’s much fun, and we just can’t wait for its debut in October.


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