A Few Good Wo-Men

Honestly, are there any more real good men and women out there? Good, educated, responsible men and women?

These days, a lot is needed to be done in order to garner the spirit of unity for men, good men and women, good women, to unite, men and women, whose aims and goals in life are to perfecting themselves through education and hard-work in order to make a great impact, change, difference, and positive contribution to our communities, families, and being good citizens in the communities in which we live and serve.

Life is short, but would you just want to come and be on this earth and then leave without leaving your mark, not just any mark, but a real good mark, as though you were never here? What would want the dash between your date of birth and date of death on your tomb to one day mean?

Ladies and gentlemen, the task at hand is laid upon us, to make this place a better place for our future generation. Let’s stop bar and club hoping, stop drinking, stop using drugs, stop making babies and not being there for them, let’s be civil, responsible, and good citizenship.

Let’s join hands in hands and unite, let us make this place a better place for our future grand and great-great-grand kids and the next generation!


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