Fred Thompson, Just too Old to Run?

Law & Order Star, Fred Thompson, has officially announced his candidacy for president on the NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” for Wednesday, September 5th.

Okay, he finally said he’s officially running, although he’s been unofficially running for months now. There’re certain attributes for each and any candidate must possess in order to win the presidency; which,

Firstly; for a candidate to win the U.S. presidency, he or she must have a principled platform that a general public can embrace;

Secondly and the most importantly; a candidate must either be filthy rich or handsomely charming.

Bill Clinton ran on good principles, he was charming, but not rich, and it happened at the time when the U.S. public was just ready and ripe for a change.

But for Fred, whom I like as an actor less than as a senator or anything else, he just looks too old and fairly frail. At 65, he looks more like he’s 80 years old.

I just wonder if anybody else notices and cares for his physical (health) appearance. If he wins, which I know he has really no chance for winning the presidency, he might have a chance for winning the GOP nomination, but not the presidency, but if he did, can he really serve his full-term?


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