The Google Phone Insanity, the Apple iPhone Craze

Google this, Google that, iPod here, iPhone there; that’s all you hear and read about these days. Everywhere I turn, the Internet, print newspapers, TV news; Google and Apple are everywhere. It’s like they’re the only companies in the world.

I mean, I like Google and Apple and everything or “almost” everything they stand for, but dannnnk… don’t people have anything else to talk or write about? Yahoo barely gets any media attention, Microsoft is long gone and forgotten, GE and most other brick and mortal companies are yesterday.

All you hear and read about is Facebook this, Digg that, and a bunch of social networking sites, which most of them have no business model and when the Bubble 2.0 hits, and it will, most of these so called Web 2.0 social networking sites will not survive.

So, what’s really going on here? I love Google and Yahoo equally for search; and I regularly use the Google Analytics and the Yahoo Small Business and these are some of their cool products that these companies offer, and I love them for it. No, I am not an investor in either.

As for Apple, I still have not bought the iPod for myself, I bought it for my daughter, nor have I bought the iPhone. I just don’t use Apple’s products that much, well, I have an iTunes installed on my PCs and have purchased many songs on iTunes, but that’s mostly it.

I am not a graphic artist, so I don’t use any of the Apple’s laptops or Macs. I like their sleek and elegant design, even for the iPhone and iPod, I am just not yet and perhaps not going to indulge myself in any of its tools anytime soon. Well, maybe I will get an iPhone as soon as they lower the price :).

Microsoft, although it has stopped being innovative, I still like its products, not still, I like its products, well, it’s not like I have a choice.

I am not and have never been a fan of the Netscape browser, and I don’t use it often although I have it installed on my PCs, I use it rarely but only when IE start acting up, which happens often. Well, I used to use the Netscape browser before there was Internet Explorer.

As for the Firefox browser, I see it as something that is; it’s like taking a real glass of juice and replaces it with a cool-aid. It is like a diluted IE, yes I know they copied IE from the Mosaic (Netscape) browser, or whatever that might be, that doesn’t make sense I know.

I’d like to one day just browse the Internet, read the news, but without seeing any Google or Apple stuff. Can that really happen, just one day, reading the news at or Business2.0, or any other news or blogs without reading anything about Google or iPhone?

There’re many cool new or other companies out there that writers can spend some of their time writing about instead of just focusing on these two particular companies.


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