Agreeing With Ben Stein for Saying that Senator Craig Was Setup

Sometimes unbelievable things just happen, which some are real ridiculous per say. Now, I didn’t know that if you are in the public bathroom and tap your foot, then that’s a signal for wanting to engage in a lewd activity.

I mean, I can be in the bathroom, minding my own business, may be thinking about a certain music tune and just to pass up the time, I may tap my foot to the tune of the song in my head while minding my own business, then suddenly a guy in the next stall heard me tapping my foot, and then suddenly, he thinks that I am signaling him for sex? Man, then that guy must have his mind on some dirty things, why is he listening to people in next stalls who’re minding their own business in the first place?

Yes, as Ben Stein says; “The whole story of Senator Larry Craig, the Republican of Idaho who announced his resignation yesterday, is a nightmare of out-of-control police and weak politicians” (read more).

“Senator Craig went into a men’s room at the Twin Cities airport. He entered a lavatory stall. He tapped his foot. He may or may not have reached his hand down under the lavatory partition to pick up a piece of paper or to make a signal” (Ben Stein).

In the interview audio tape released by the Minneapolis Police Department, Senator Craig is clearly heard disputing the accusations. He’s accusing the police officer of entrapping him. There was nothing on that tape that suggested that Senator Craig irrefutable agreed to the alleged lewd acts.

The public should instead focus on the disgraceful behavior of the arresting police officer instead of trying to crucify Senator Craig. We should instead look into the background of the arresting police officer.

I am so again and again disappointed by the GOP, not that I am a supporter or a fan, but, damn it, the GOP is just trying to make itself look good for pressuring Senator Craig to resign, but he should not have resigned. Senator Craig needs to fight these accusations.

Some people want to be seen as heroes on the expenses of others. And this case just shows you how far some low-minded and selfish people can go in order to satisfy their own egos.


2 thoughts on “Agreeing With Ben Stein for Saying that Senator Craig Was Setup

  1. it is not suprissing to read about such incidences from the most so called advanced demoncracy,sorry decomracy The U S A.

    This ultimately goes to show that these chaps ( the Police ) hardly have any other important duties to fulfill eg tapping into drug networks or are they simply there to bully people around??

    i have sympathy for what the senator had to endure but hey i can srely smell some sort of racism right from were i a am sitting here in Namibia .

    ist that fascinating?? he

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