Welcome to my new blog

I created my personal site, www.simonkapenda.com, and my blog in 2000, just for my personal use. It’s something I like doing for fun, writing about stuff that I care about and the things I am currently doing or not doing.

So, on here, you will read some things that I may write that I really care about, my objectives, my big dreams, yes I have big dreams which I am currently working on, my vision, my wishes, and whatever else that may come to my mind.

Also, having only learned how to speak English in middle school, Iipumbu Secondary School in Oshakati, Namibia, in a segregated school system under the South African apartheid government, and by watching TV at a young age, and after many years of living in different countries, I still have a hard time writing properly in English or any other languages, even my mother tongue, Oshiwambo, or Afrikaans, which I have also forgotten on how to properly write or even speak to make any sense.

Well, thanks to my foreign language requirement in college, I had to take German, which I can read, speak, and write little bit. And, that’s why this whole rumbling thing I am writing here doesn’t make sense, but I am glad you are still here.

I welcome your comments and questions that you may have for me.


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